The Populor is a happy vibe fashion jewellery brand with forte in experimenting with various textures; stones and crystals from across the world making the jewellery very striking, unique and colourful.

Established by Priti Sharma who is an award winning jewellery designer from Buckinghamshire University in England loves to create pieces that have a very tactile essence. The colours in the pieces come from Priti's love of early morning sky gazing and textures are a product of 'DO NOT TOUCH' notes at museums.

All our jewellery is designed and handmade/assembled in our Mumbai studio in small batches by a team of artisans with utmost love and care ensuring that the products you purchase are of great quality.




The company's vision is to employ and empower the less fortunate women so their children can afford good quality education in order to dream of a prosperous future for themselves. We aim to build safe working conditions whilst paying fair wages for employees' hard work. In a country like India where fashion and precious jewellery industry is majorly run by men and is at a boom since centuries, the businessmen have conveniently forgotten to pay their artisans a livable wage. Jewellery workshops are usually placed in unhygienic and hazardous attics where artisans are packed in for long hours to make a mere $2.5 a day. 

At The Populor we wish to change that! The ultimate goal is to help women be financially independent enough for society to recognise that when women are given equal work opportunities as men the community prospers.