Like all of us beauties need pampering to be our fabulous selves, our gorgeous jewellery requires some TLC too. Here are 7 pretty easy ways to make your jewellery lasts longer and remains in its best condition.


1. Your jewellery should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.

2. When dressing, jewellery should always be put on last as make up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to or discolour delicate items.

3. Do not swim with your jewellery on as chemicals will blacken the jewellery.

4. Don´t forget to remove your rings when washing up or showering, as soap particles may become lodged in stone settings and crevices. Soaps can also leave a film over metal and stones, creating a dull appearance.

5. Store your jewellery in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.

6. Exposed to the atmosphere, all silver is prone to oxidisation and consequent tarnishing.

7. Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your jewellery.


Cheers to everlasting memories with The Populor. xoxo